Can the KLR Filter be used for beer?

Absolutely! The filter is designed for gravity feed only. Although it is pressure tested, this is only to test for leaks prior to assembling and packaging the product. Do not subject the KLR Filter to high pressures. It is best not to use a siphon for beer, as the bubbles in it will vapor lock the tubing at the top of the siphon. It is ,much easier to use a fermentation vessel with a spigot and use tubing to connect it to the KLR Filter.

The best results I have had so far with beer is using the 50 and 20 micron filter cartridges, and I have filtered ales down to 10 and 5 microns. I would not suggest going much lower than 5 microns – that way more of the good stuff in beer is retained and you don’t erase out the character of your brew.